In his new stand-up comedy special Sundeep Rao celebrates honesty, as a stark contrast to polite and politically correct conversations. A little honesty never hurts right? It has stories from his life, frustrating interactions with fellow human beings, jokes about his disability and overall how it was to live life as an apology and a people pleaser!
This was an absolute blast while editing. You have jokes here that age like fine wine. I was also the Audience Cinematographer for this one. Great fun.
The team believed Stand-up comedy filming and presentation is an art form very much under explored in India. We were almost close to releasing this in Black & White to mirror how our Comedian and Presenter, the shyly funny, Sundeep Rao viewed the world. The Director, the ever gracious Sam Mohan, talked me out of it as that would be too bold a step for Indian audiences who are used to 5 minute YouTube Stand-up clips and probably hinder it becoming mainstream. Probably in the next Special then.
Below is the trailer made for the Special.

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