The Akshaya Patra foundation presents Chasing Stars, a two-part documentary, chronicling lives that illustrate “one equal temper of heroic hearts”.
Kashirampara Chronicles explores the lives, hopes, and aspirations of the Reang tribe and, particularly, their children who study at the Great India Talent School (GITS) in Tripura.
Witness the excitement with which they describe their innocent dreams to become doctors and teachers, and their desires to do better so that they may someday better the lives of their community. Experience the personification of resilient innocence!

Produced By Curley Street Media
Editor/Sound Mix/Color : Nitin Verma
In this part, 19 students from the Great India Talent School in Tripura’s Kashirampara embark on a trip to experience the beating heart of Bangalore city as part of the National Integration Project instituted by the Great India Talent Foundation (GITF).

During their 5-day stay in the Silicon City of India, the children were given a tour of major attractions in the city, some of which included HAL Aerospace Museum, Agastya Foundation Science Centre, Bannerghatta National Park, and Girias Children’s Explorium. They all returned home rejuvenated with the possibilities that the world holds for them.

“We have to invest in children being brought to the cities. There is something that our modern society has to learn from that part of the world, and we can give something to that part of the world from this part.” – Shri. Madhu Pandit Dasa

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