I am a 26 year old Film and Video Editor based in India. Self taught in the field of filmmaking, I love telling stories through the medium of shots and musical notes. Every cut is a comma, every transition a full stop in the grammar of the language called cinema. A fan of Indian and international cinema, my goal is to travel and meet the various story tellers around the globe.

While growing up in Bombay in the '90s, films and cricket were celebrated all around me. Having seen people laugh, cry and get inspired by both, I was completely mesmerised by the power of cinema. It was almost like magic, real and unreal. I became a visual thinker because of this and grew up imagining fight scenes with my toys, spewing sound effects with my mouth and generally creating a ruckus around in my house.

I have always strived to expand my visual vocabulary by working on diverse projects such as documentaries, music videos, a comedy special, digital ads and event films many of these sometimes in the same month. You can see some of the marquee projects that I have collaborated on with some amazing teams here.

P.S. - If you were wondering 'Made By Envy' is a fancy term of saying 'The film was edited by Nitin (en) Verma (vee)'.
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